Timely customer messaging on your ecommerce website.

Display alerts and info messages anywhere on your site
Set messages to show and
hide at a given time
Create new messages by using ready templates or HTML + CSS

Brand Scooters

est. 2018

A fire alarm switch on the wall with German text on it

Communicate disruptions

Modern ecommerce websites depend on a ton of external services. And computers—they will betray you.

While you scramble to get the order backend to boot, the next best thing to do is to add an announcement on your site.

Shop window with a 'SALE' sign

Announce the big sale

All coffee mugs are 50% off this weekend? Your customers need to know first thing when they enter your site!

Sign on shop door: Sorry we're closed but still awesome'

Right message for every situation

With InfoToggle you can announce a sale, promotion, a change to your hours, or scheduled site maintenance. There are templates for all messaging needs, be it a full-on alert or a friendly reminder.

Do it yourself

No need to call your web developer to create an info message. Do it yourself on InfoToggle.

No tracking

GDPR-compliant out of the box. Only information being tracked is whether a message was shown.


InfoToggle won't slow your site down.

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How does it work?

1. Create a message

You create a message you need to show on your website. You can choose where and when it's displayed. Messages are easiest to create using templates, either made by you or by InfoToggle.

2. Activate the message

Activate a message either manually or time it to be visible only when you need it.

3. Messages are shown on your website

A small script is installed on your website that knows how to load and show messages you created on your website.