What can InfoToggle do for you?

Instant updates on your website

Once set up, InfoToggle can publish new messages on your website in seconds. A small JavaScript embed on your site checks for new messages and displays them right when needed.

Place messages where you want

Messages are placed in relation to existing elements on your page.

You can also add more complex rules, for example to show a message if page URL contains a word, page title equals a value, or many other combinations.

Timed messages

Have a planned outage on Sunday? Create a notice beforehand and set it up to be visible only on Sunday.

Fast loading

Messages are loaded from Amazon CDN which ensures they are always loaded from a server near your user. The message loader itself is very small and won't make your site slower.

Preview mode

Design and test your messages in the safety of your testing environment before going live.

Use templates or create your own messages

Templates have predefined places for text, for example an alert message might have a title and a paragraph of text.

You can also create your own messages from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Integrations: TBA

Integrations are still under development but the plan is to allow message toggling from different services. We'll announce more when there's more to announce :)